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Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are one of the most popular sets of blinds used in homes around the world. A Venetian blind is a slatted (flat) blind that is made of either metal or plastic. The Venetian blind is a window blind that consists of a number of horizontal slats that are adjustable and they over lap slightly when they are closed. The are wooden slats but they are rarely used anymore. Venetian blinds were introduced in 1770 in Italy. They have been popular ever since.

The slats on the modern Venetian blinds are aluminum. They have a great style and they control as much light as you need to let in. One company that makes a good quality Venetian blind is Hunter Douglas. The Venetian blinds come in these colors, green, gold, white, red, blue, silver, black, gray and wood.

When you are measuring for any types of blinds you must make sure that the measurements are correct especially if you are ordering from another company. Make sure the length and the width of the window are the exact measurements. Find out the companies policy on returns if the measurements are off.

There are also ready-made blinds available if you are just looking for plain white Venetian blinds. They would come in a lot faster if you were ordering them. Check your local furniture store and your local window shops and see if they have any Venetian blinds in stock with the measurements you need.
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